Against the Wind

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The Second Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing Book

Welcome back to Sweetwater Crossing, a bustling town in the Texas Hill Country where secrets abound and maybe, just maybe, three couples can find happily-ever-after.

Like many authors, I wait anxiously for reviews of my books. You can imagine my reaction when Midwest Book Reviews said, "Against the Wind is historical Christian romance at its very best." I was thrilled by both their review and by the number of emails I've received from readers saying they think this is my best book yet.

So, what's the book about?

When a female doctor-in-training saves a handsome stranger's life, little does she know that he'll bring both love and danger into her life. That's the 30-second pitch for Against the Wind, the story of Louisa, the youngest Vaughn sister, who left Sweetwater Crossing in a fit of anger when her oldest sister Emily turned their home into a boardinghouse.

It's a year later, and much has changed ... including Louisa herself.

And then there's Josh, the injured man she finds on the side of the road. His carefully crafted plans are in serious jeopardy, thanks to a badly broken leg.

Neither he nor Louisa has any intention of staying in Sweetwater Crossing, but sometimes plans don't turn out quite the way we expect, do they?

After the Shadows

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The First Secrets of Sweetwater Crossing Book

Although my books are written as standalones, I encourage you to read this particular series in order, starting with After the Shadows.

What's it about? Emily Leland no longer believes in happily-ever-after. Her marriage has left her fearful of men, and when she returns home, she discovers her father has died under mysterious circumstances. What else can go wrong?

Widowed schoolmaster Craig Ferguson knows it's time for a change. Though he doubts he'll ever remarry, both he and his two-year old son need a new life, and so he seizes the opportunity to teach in Sweetwater Crossing. Unfortunately, the town is not the idyllic spot Craig had anticipated.

Can Emily and Craig unravel the secrets behind her father's death and escape the shadows of their own pasts?

I'm delighted to tell you that After the Shadows has received rave reviews, including a starred review from Library Journal, which called it "a must-buy."

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