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Short or long, historical or contemporary, what all of my stories have in common is that they celebrate the healing power of love. My characters may endure hardships and heartbreak, but they always find their happily-after-ever. After all, that's the definition of romance, isn't it?

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What's New?

A Tender Hope

Revell Books
ISBN 978-0800727581

Pre-Order (Print) Ebook

It seems like it was only a few months ago that A Borrowed Dream, the second of the Cimarron Creek trilogy, was released, and now it's almost time for the third, A Tender Hope. The official release date is March 5, but it's available for pre-order right now.

I'm excited about bringing you Thea's story and - as a bonus - a secondary love story. After all, two are better than one. Right? This is the book where all the loose ends are tied up and you get to learn exactly what happened to Aunt Bertha's daughter and granddaughter.

Does the name Thea sound familiar to you? There's a good reason. I listened to you, my readers, when you asked me what happened to the little girl who intrigued so many of you when you first met her in Paper Roses. A Tender Hope is Thea's story, and oh, what a story it is.

Click here for more information about it as well as the story behind the story. And, if you'd like a sneak peek, here's an excerpt.

While you're wating for A Tender Hope, I hope you'll enjoy A Borrowed Dream, which is Austin and Catherine's story. If you've read A Stolen Heart, you know that Catherine deserves a happy ending. I promise you that she gets it ... eventually. But the road to happily-ever-after isn't an easy one for either her or Austin, a man who's left everything behind in an effort to keep his daughter safe.

Like most authors, I wait anxiously for the first reviews, so you can imagine how pleased I was when RT Book Reviews said, "The second book in Cabot's Cimarron Creek trilogy is even better than the first, with a dash of suspense, an intriguing bit of medical history and a host of enjoyable characters."

I was equally excited when Midwest Book Reviews declared, "Another deftly crafted gem of a novel by a true master of the romance genre, Amanda Cabot's Borrowed Dream is very highly recommended for community library collections."

You can read these and other reviews here.

The reviews are wonderful, but the biggest thrill for me was having A Borrowed Dream selected as Interviews and Reviews' Book of the Month by readers like you. What an honor!

Back to the book itself. Because it's special to both me and my publisher, I've created a page with bonus features related to the story, including a trailer. Yes, a trailer. After all, why should movies be the only ones to get them? There are several other bonus features, so be sure to check them out.

For more information about A Borrowed Dream, including an excerpt and discussion group questions, click here.

I had a wonderful time writing this series and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
Happy reading!