Using Facebook

Once upon a time -- translation: before the summer of 2012 -- if you "liked" my Facebook author page, you'd receive all of my posts. It seems that Facebook has changed its policy and no longer publishes the posts to everyone who liked the page. Instead, they use an algorithm to send the posts to only a fraction of the people who've signed up for a page.

There are a couple ways to get around this problem.

One is to send a friend request to my personal FB page.
Facebook Click here to friend me on Facebook

The second approach, which will give you all my author page posts, is as follows:
1. Go to my main FB page.
Facebook Click here to find me on Facebook
2. Hover your mouse on the "Like" button near the "Like" button. This will show you a drop-down menu.
3. Select "Add to Interest List" from the drop-down menu.
4. Click on "+New List." This will give you a new screen with an icon for my page.
5. Click on "Next." This will give you a new screen with some choices.
6. Give the list a name.
7. Click on one of the radio buttons to determine who will see your list.
8. Click on "done."

At this point, you should start receiving all of my posts in your newsfeed. I'm sorry if this sounds complicated, but it seems to be the only way to work around Facebook's change in policy for author pages.

Please note that although many of my posts go to both my personal and my author pages, there are some differences, so you might want to link to both of them. And there's always Twitter.