Oregon Trail Romance collection

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ISBN 978-1-6305-8853-3

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The Oregon Trail Romance Collection -- Available Now

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Nine romantic adventures take readers along for a ride on the Oregon Trail where daily challenges force travelers to evaluate the things that are most precious to them -- including love. Enjoy the trip through a fascinating part of history through the eyes of remarkably strong characters who stop at famous landmarks along the way. Watch as their faith is strengthened and as love is born despite unique circumstances. Discover where the journey ends for each of nine couples.

As someone who's always been fascinated by the pioneers and their journeys west, I'm delighted to be part of this collection. Here's a sneak peek into my story, The Sagebrush Bride.

If there's one thing Avice Longcope doesn't need, it's the husband her uncle has chosen for her. Still mourning her parents' death of cholera along the trail, she wants nothing more than to find peace. What she finds when the wagon train reaches Fort Laramie is a screaming baby and a father who's beside himself trying to care for his son while he runs the post store. And so Avice and Raleigh strike a bargain, never expecting to get far more than they bargained for.